What Is a 4-Point Inspection?

The 4-Point Insurance Inspection consists of a visual survey and includes photos of the following four primary components of a house:





Insurance Companies are inspecting the condition of the components listed above to be working as intended within the manufacturers’ specifications. They are looking for the four systems to be in generally good working condition and fulfilling their intended function. If the home is an older home, the insurance companies want to see that the systems have been updated. Each insurance company has slightly different guidelines on when a 4-point inspection is required, so check with your independent insurance agent. Your 4-point inspection can be done as a stand-alone inspection or it can be done simultaneously with our full home inspection. Super Inspections prides themselves on giving Northeast Floridians peace of mind when it comes to the structure and safety of your home.

Here is what a 4-point inspection looks at:


Electrical System – The type of wiring in the home. The brand of the electrical panel. The condition of the electrical system.


HVAC – Is there central heat and air in the home? The age and condition of the system. The date of the last service/inspection.


Plumbing System – Type of supply and drain lines found in the home (copper, PVC/CPVC, galvanized, PEX, polybutylene. Is there evidence of past/current leaks? Is there a temperature pressure relief valve on the water heater? The age of the hot water heater.


Roof – Type of Roof Covering (shingles, tile, rolled). The age and condition of the roof. Are there visible signs of damage/deterioration? Date of the last permit?



To view a sample 4-Point Report to see exactly what the insurance companies are looking for, CLICK HERE.

Why Do I Need a 4-Point Inspection?

Insurance companies are reluctant to issue Homeowner Insurance Policies on older homes (usually 25 years+) because of the liability exposure to them. A 4-point inspection evaluates the condition and age of the home’s roof, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems.


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