You might wonder, why, if I am buying a newly constructed home, should I get a new construction home inspection?

The answer is simple, most production builders do not take the time to go behind their subcontractors to make sure that they are doing a quality job. In most cases, they have as many as 10- 20 homes all in different phases of construction at one time with one person managing all of them. And that person’s job is not necessarily to ensure that the work is being done correctly or in a quality manner, but more so, to make sure that everyone is on schedule and that the home will be completed on the scheduled date.


Call us today to schedule your New Construction Home Inspection whether you are in the pre-slab, pre-drywall, or in the final walkthrough phase.

That’s where we come in!

We will be your advocate to make sure that everything is being completed as it should be and that the quality that you expect is there. We will put our more than 25 years of building and inspecting experience to work for you to ensure that your dream home is everything that you expect it to be! Also if we do your new construction inspection we will come back and do your 11 month warranty inspection for only $150!


Pre-Slab Inspection

Before the concrete is poured, we will inspect all foundation work.


Pre-Drywall Inspection

All electrical lines.

All Roof components.

HVAC rough.

All plumbing top-out items.

All exterior windows and doors.


Final Walkthrough Inspection

All electrical, including outlets, lighting fixtures, and ceiling fans.

All appliances.

All roof components (including attic).

HVAC system.

All plumbing, including sinks, showers, bathtubs, drains, faucets, hot water heaters, and exterior water lines.

All cabinets.

All windows and doors.

All flooring and trim work.



Home Warranty Inspection

Performed during your 11th month anniversary, we will re-inspect all deficiencies noted on the previous year’s report.

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