Our mission is to be a company that homebuyers, sellers and realtors can trust to give a clear, honest and easy to understand evaluation of the properties that they are buying or selling. To be a trusted partner in the property buying and selling process.


Our vision is to be a company that provides growth opportunities for like-minded team members. To help our team to grow in their faith, family, business and personal lives. To have financial success that allows us to bless others financially.


  • Faith -Faith in God is the foundation of all that we do and how we operate as a company. Everything that we do is covered in prayer before it is put into practice. If it is not in God’s will then we do not want it in our business.
  • Integrity – Honesty and integrity are at the very center of how we operate as a business. The best interest of our clients and customers is the driving force for our company. We will always put our clients and customers ahead of profits and success.
  • Family – Family is key to our success. We are a family owned and operated business. Whether you’re blood or not does not matter, if you are a part of this company you are a part of our family. As such it is equally important to us that everyone who works in the company has quality time with their own family.
  • Sharing – The greatest measure of success is not what you acquire but what you give away. There is no greater joy, than to be able to bless another individual or organization, with what God has blessed you with. Giving is a very important part of who we are as individuals and as a company. It is one of our greatest joys.
  • Fun – All work and no play is an unhealthy and harmful lifestyle. We strive to be a company that provides the means and time/freedom for our team to enjoy life, whatever that may look like. Whether it’s traveling, fishing, golfing, spending a day at the beach, shopping, or all of the above at the same time. Everyone needs to have a life outside of work that they enjoy.


To be a company where everyone feels welcome to have the opportunity to become a part of our team/family. To have open lines of communication, where ideas can be shared and everyone’s ideas and concerns are valued equally. To maintain an environment where team members love to come to work and enjoy their current role in the company but also have a desire to grow and advance within the company. To be a team that is not only self motivated but is finding ways to motivate each other. To be a company that provides opportunities for growth and advancement through teamwork, training and hard work.

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