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Edd Cobb

Founder, President and Lead Inspector

Edd has more than 240 hours of education in the home inspection industry. On top of having his home inspection license he also holds a State of Florida General Contractors License (CGC1514829) and an AA degree in Biblical Studies and serves as the Associate Pastor/Missions Pastor at The Church at sun Coast. He has also started and operated three successful businesses in North East Florida. It is his more than 25 years in the construction industry that puts Edd head and shoulders above other inspectors. Almost anything that you will see in a home or on a home inspection report Edd has dealt with as a contractor. This gives him the ability to look at an issue and give a clear and understandable evaluation and recommendation for repairs. He is always available to speak directly to clients to help them understand their report and the condition of the home they are purchasing. What Edd loves most about the home inspection business is working with clients to help them make an informed and wise decision about what will most likely be their largest investment, their dream home.

When Edd is not inspecting homes you will find him spending time with his wife of 35 years, Cheryl, and his Grand sons Austin and Eli. Serving in his church and enjoying working on his own home that he built himself. He also enjoys working with his son Kyle on wood working projects and playing golf with his oldest son James.

Licesnse # HI8576

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Kyle Cobb

Certified Home Inspector

From the beginning, Kyle was surrounded by family who instilled in him a “build it yourself” code of principles, which immersed him in the practice of building at a young age. From simple items like his toy box or bunk bed all the way to his first real childhood home, his fascination with watching (and helping when he wasn’t getting in the way) his father and grandfather make beautiful things with their bare hands fueled his passion for creativity and construction.

At the age of 16, he began his construction experience working with a local concrete structural systems company. From there Kyle went to work with his father in the family construction and remodel business.

He left the building industry to follow his passion for the culinary arts, attending Florida State College at Jacksonville’s culinary program. Again after a 12 year career in the culinary industry which earned him Sous Chef roles in some of the finest kitchens in Jacksonville, he has joined his father in the home inspection business where he uses both his experience in building and construction as well as his high level of standards and attention to detail from his culinary background to provide only the best quality home inspections for our clients.

Kyle is a passionate man of God whos life is steeped in faith, family, friends and music. When Kyle isn’t inspecting homes, you can find him at the beach with his two dogs Murdoch and Kira, or playing the bass guitar for his church praise band.

License # HI12141


Cheryl Cobb

Operations Manager

Cheryl has over 20 years’ managerial and administrative experience. She has spent most of her professional career as an import/export analyst, specializing in the buying and selling of all types of commodities between the United States and other foreign markets. This experience gives her a keen insight and unique ability to communicate more effectively with our valued clients, agents and other government officials.

She is a very determined individual who enjoys all of the diverse challenges that she encounters as the manager of operations and customer service at North East Florida Home Inspections.

As feisty as she is with our inspectors (who happen to be her husband and son), she remains calm and polite with the customer and is truly looking to resolve every issue so that every party involved receives a fair and honest deal. She is always willing to go the extra mile to get a solution in place and answer any questions required of her. If she doesn’t know the answer, she’s sure to find the person who does.

Cheryl genuinely enjoys meeting new people, and often expresses that her greatest desire is to really get to know a person. In her words, “In business it’s a good thing to know people, but it’s a greater gift to gain a friend in the process”.